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Musings from Philippe

Sailing, Mountains, Music, and Technology

Philippe Kahn’s interview with ETH Zurich Circle Podcast

Philippe Kahn, an innovator and entrepreneur who studied mathematics at ETH Zurich, changed the world on June 11, 1997. The podcast episode explores a number of topics including what happened on that day, why Philippe chose ETH Zurich, and how went from making printer cables to founding an AI-powered company dedicated to sleep. Philippe also discusses how he plays the flute for 30 minutes every morning, what fascinates him about sailing, and why the sport is a metaphor for business and science.

ETH is a new podcast series featuring stories from alumni and friends of ETH Zurich around the globe. Hosted by ETH Circle Member and Entrepreneur Susan Kish, the series touches on conversations with the people who have taken their ETH experience out into the world and turned it into a company, a career, and a way of life.

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