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Musings from Philippe

Sailing, Mountains, Music, and Technology

Technology History

Innovation is the catalyst for progress.

This is true for technology, the arts, and spirituality.

Take great innovators such as Moses, Jesus Christ or Buddha, and consider their advancements to our humanity. Listen to great innovators such as Bach, Mozart, Debussy, or Coltrane and hear how they forever changed the way we hear music.

In the worlds of technology, consider the Wright Brothers and flight, the Microprocessor, the Internet, the web, or the camera-phone and see how they’ve changed our daily lives.

Innovation and innovators pace the progress of humanity.

Consider this to be the start of a “small virtual museum” containing some of the little bits of history about Philippe Kahn and his companies.

First Camera Phone Public Picture

First Camera Phone Commercial Picture

PictureMail Innovation Timeline, from LightSurf

Web News from 2000!

Computer Related News from 1973!

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