The Fullpower MotionX vision for Smartphones on CNN

CNN Money The Fullpower MotionX vision for Smartphones on CNN Motion is life and life is motion. Motion is the next paradigm shift for phones. Philippe Kahn discusses the Fullpower vision for the MotionX technology platform and sensors in mobile phones and wearable devices.  

Fullpower introduces the MotionX-Recognition engine for mass-market devices

  The next paradigm shift for mobile is “sensing”. The Nintendo Wii as well as screen rotation on the iPhone are examples of simple implementations of motion sensing in mass market devices. To build more advanced sensing solutions, the challenge is similar to that of speech recognition: It takes a lot of technology to get […]

Emailing the Father of the Camera Phone as He Sails Across the Great Blue Pacific

“Your uncle Invented the Camera Phone!?” is what I said before a friend introduced me to Philippe Kahn. Back in 1997, Kahn hacked together a camera phone to easily send photos of his newborn daughter to family and friends. That piece of lore is gadget history 101. What many people don’t realize is that Philippe […]

The Camera Phone

The gadget that perverts, vigilantes, and celebrity stalkers can all agree on. Michael Agger – Slate Ten years ago, Philippe Kahn was walking around a hospital with a cell phone and a digital camera. His dadly mission: to share pictures of his newborn baby girl. With an assist from Radio Shack, he linked the two […]