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Fullpower Announces Issuance of 11th Sleep Monitoring Technology Patent

SANTA CRUZ, CA – January 22, 2020 – Fullpower® Technologies, Inc. “The sleep technology company,” today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 10,463,300, Fullpower’s 11th sleep-focused patent. The patent covers user monitoring systems for sleep technology, smart-home, and wearable device areas.

“This is the eleventh sleep-focused eligible U.S. patent Fullpower has been granted for our advanced sleep technology platform, and it reflects our strategy to broaden and diversify our intellectual property portfolio to obtain protection for the many innovations of the Sleeptracker® AI technology platform,” said Philippe Kahn, Chairman of Fullpower Technologies, Inc. “In this case, we believe our technology offers novel and potentially superior options and reflects on our deep investment in sleep technology innovation. This represents significant unmet medical, smart-home and wearable needs with large market opportunities.”

The market opportunity for sleep technology is large and growing. For example,  according to, the size of the U.S. mattress market is projected to be $14.47 billion in 2020 and growing.

With sleep being one-third of everyone’s lives, the opportunities to use Fullpower non-invasive polysomnography-level technology to improve sleep quality outcomes represent strategic opportunities.

About Fullpower Technologies, Inc.

Fullpower Technologies, Inc. designs, develops and operates a complete platform for hybrid Edge/Cloud AI, algorithms, big data, predictive analytics, together with end-to-end engineering services. The Company’s platform is backed by a patent portfolio of 125+ patents. The Company’s key areas of expertise are non-invasive PSG-level sleep technology as well as general activity quantification. The Company’s markets are in Medical, SmartHome and Wearable Solutions. For more information, visit Please contact: #AI #sleep

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