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Musings from Philippe

Sailing, Mountains, Music, and Technology

The Moon-Bow. If you haven’t seen one, go look for one!

This I can’t take a picture of. But it’s cool and rare. There is an essentially full moon that makes the whole Ocean glitter. Moving across our track, diagonally, with more or less the speed of the wind are squall clouds. And then… the rarest thing had us all in awe. Our rookie, Seth-the-Santa-Cruz-Surfer spots it first… A Moonbow!!!! (Rainbow of the night) You don’t see those often, you can’t see them on photographs. The bright light of the moon playing with the giant prism encapsulated in the raindrops of a huge squall. Low, gigantic, totally mysterious. If you haven’t seen one, you must. Somewhere, over the Moon-bow….

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