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Musings from Philippe

Sailing, Mountains, Music, and Technology

Where we are in the Transpac Race:

Pegasus From the same mold , Fly Pegasus fly

Pegasus From the same mold , Fly Pegasus fly

We’re sailing to a tough handicap with a beautiful Santa Cruz 70 vintage design variation. So we need to be smart navigators. We are navigators. That’s what we do on the water, but that is very much our profession at Motionx-Fullpower. At MotionX we are leaders for In-Car navigation, Pedestrian navigation, Runner navigation and much more

That’s what we do. We are navigators building the best navigation tools.

We like to say that the vision for MotionX-Fullpower, our company, is to be the Navigators of the 21st century. To us it’s more inspiring than be the leaders for “display advertising” or some market-inflated “Formula” tied to a commercialism-hyped bubble. We craft what we have passion for. Real technology innovation .

Now on Transpac, we are sailing South while most of the fleet is still to the North. Let’s see how this all works out in a couple of days. We will sail more distance to go faster! If you play chess, it’s the equivalent of a gambit. Sacrifice some short term gains to invest in the long term future.

This race allows for some interesting tactical moves. We just made one. A bit of luck and it may all work out.

Fly Pegasus Fly!

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