YoYo Bear’s Den

YoYo is a the 500+ pound brown bear female that had three cubs a few years back. Her den is right by the tree that my right index is pointing at. How do we know? We use MotionX-GPS to mark all those “Points of interest”. I’m not putting up the coordinates or a map because we want to protect our wildlife. Today, it seems that the now-pack is so deep that YoYo’s den entrance is still fully covered. So she hasn’t been out yet since December. It won’t be long. Will she have cubs this year? We are leaving our winter quarters after 100+ days of riding in the high Sierras and an unbelievable powder season. We hope to see YoYo before we leave. We’re the very last house at the end of the road, and the very first one when she descends from the wilderness.